The Council of the IAEA wish you well during these difficult times and recommend you take the Government's advice in regards to keeping yourselves, your families and the wider community safe and protected.

Please see here for Government advice.

As companies begin to return to work, you may also find the information on the following links useful:

Advice on travelling to work.

BVLRA advice on safe operations during the Covid-19 pandemic.

A message from Tony Simpson, IAEA President

Since I wrote to you last month, the impact of Coronavirus on our everyday lives has become even greater.

Unprecedented times

These are truly unprecedented and challenging times for the whole country, and our resolve and spirit will continue to be tested as we combat this global health crisis. However, I'm sure we will get through this together, and we must acknowledge the amazing efforts and heroic efforts of NHS staff and all other key workers who are working tirelessly to keep us safe and maintain a little normality, for which we show our appreciation.

This situation is having a devastating effect on the global economy and having a detrimental effect on all industries, including our own.

On reading your latest March/April Assessor, it may have seemed a little insensitive that the current COVID-19 pandemic hadn't been mentioned, however at the time of going to press, the virus was barely on the radar. The global situation with Coronavirus has moved on with such an alarming and ferocious pace over the last few weeks, who could have ever imagined the significant impact this pandemic would have caused?

The IAEA is here ready to support its members wherever it can, and once the COVID-19 crisis is over, we can start the recovery. We all need to stand and support one another together through this difficult time and start the rebuild process with a strong resolve, building a stronger and more resilient Institute.

Irish Conference postponement

With the suspension of all Institute Regional activity and lecture programmes for the foreseeable future, we have also postponed the Irish Regional Conference, originally planned for May until later in the year.

AGM goes digital

Also, as part of the IAEA Covid-19 continuity strategy plan, we have taken the decision to change the format of the AGM. This will be held on 20 June in the form of an online event. Prior to the AGM you will receive all the required notifications, including the agenda and associated documents.

Exciting new voting App

Voting will be managed by an App, and the results, together with an overview from myself, will be shared with members after the AGM. Full details of the process will be notified to you by email and in the May-June Assessor. We hope that the adoption of emerging technologies demonstrates the IAEA's move towards new methods of communication with membership.

Examinations postponed

Due to the current pandemic, we have postponed the written examinations from June, with confirmed rescheduled dates for September to follow.

We are also looking at the possibility of delivering the exams remotely - however, this is currently under review.

In addition, we are looking to provide CPD learning material online, as soon as possible, during this crisis. This accelerates plans that the Education Committee has been working on, and in future, information will be accessible through the web site.

Contact Amanda

To speed the lines of communication during this crisis, I encourage all members to feed any news stories, notable industry trends, issues, articles and letters to Amanda Hein, editor of the Assessor. This will help ensure a flow of information to members through the magazine and website.

Amanda can be reached by email here.

Keep safe

In closing, I together with the IAEA Executive and Council, would like to extend our very best wishes to you and your families during these turbulent times. We will eventually get through this extraordinary crisis and emerge stronger together. I would again promote all members to take the appropriate precautions during your daily working lives and support each other during this global health crisis. In the meantime, information can be obtained from the Government web site.

Tony Simpson, IAEA President

April 2020