HPI reveals best winter SUVs

HPI reveals best winter SUVs

Following latest analysis of SUV vehicle data, automotive data experts hpi have identified a selection of great performing SUV's perfect for wintry road conditions.

Motoring expert Mark Bulmer has looked at a wide variety of factors ranging from performance to total cost of ownership, all contributing to a great all-round experience for motorists looking to deal with the toughest of driving conditions.

Bulmer commented: "The SUV market continues to grow with the 'all year round lifestyle' appeal showing no signs of flagging. Practicality, presence and efficiency have ensured that SUVs have become the vehicle of choice for families, easily meeting the demands of everyday life. However it's during the winter months where SUVs can really prove their worth."

hpi's five SUV suggestions for winter:

Land Rover Defender

This iconic 4x4 is already highly sought after but it's popularity as an export vehicle means models are in short supply thereby strengthening values. With prices starting from around £5,000 up to £75,000, buyers still have a good selection of cars to choose from with vehicles from £10- £15,000 a popular price point.

Toyota RAV4

Regardless of age, RAV4s have all been well designed and built to a high standard. This SUV is considered to be reliable and able to cover many miles over its lifetime. Depreciation is low especially as the car ages. 4x4 models hold their value best, but all are a solid investment. Although it's not the best off-road vehicle or the best motorway car, the culmination of both makes it a great all-rounder with real versatility and typifies the SUV

Porsche Macan

The Macan is a relative newcomer but has already gathered a following. High performance and GTi looks are the main drivers for this car, allied to the strong market for used Porsches. This car is different, and it ticks both the sports car and SUV boxes at the same time.

Volvo XC70

This estate car can sometimes be overlooked. However, not everyone wants the full-on SUV looks and this vehicle is very well put together, whilst also being great for towing and sure-footed when driven off-road. This car isn't everyone's cup of tea, but if it fits your driving needs, it should be considered.

Dacia Duster

This SUV has started to establish itself in the market and has proven to be a solid investment with low depreciation. As the cars ages, it's clear the 4x4 models are highly sought after in both petrol and diesel form. This car is well built, and the engines are already tried and tested in other vehicles. It represents value for money motoring, and if it fits your vehicle needs, should be considered. Prices start at £5,500 to circa £14,000.

'The SUV sector remains one of the fastest growing and most exciting vehicle sectors and manufacturers are putting a great deal of emphasis on design, styling and performance to capitalise on this continuous growth. It's not surprising that consumer appetite for SUVs remains high and there are some great models to be had to guarantee stylish yet great value motoring and great performance during harsh weather conditions.'

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