Hyundai progresses in AI

Hyundai progresses in AI

Hyundai has announced a new partnership that will tap into the potential of artificial intelligence (AI) to better protect drivers following a collision.

The partnership with MDGo, an Israeli start-up, will see the two companies co-develop connected services that bring the worlds of health and automotive closer than ever.

For example, MDGo's intelligent injury analysis system – which takes data from car sensors and AI to predict a driver's likely injuries following a road traffic accident – will enable Hyundai to send emergency services a wealth of data like injury level information and safety system activation.

Youngcho Chi, president and chief innovation officer at Hyundai Motor Group, said, 'MDGo possesses exceptional AI analysis technology optimised for driver safety. Through this technology, we expect a significant improvement in the emergency medical services of vehicles in the short-term while our long-term goal is to provide innovations in passenger experience of vehicle safety utilising new technology that enable real-time physical monitoring.'

The MDGo AI technology interprets accident data and compiles numerous sets of insights regarding the occupants and the vehicle. Within seven seconds of impact, emergency services are sent a detailed analysis of potential injuries, communicated through medical terms.