BVRLA urges for EV exemption from government

BVRLA urges for EV exemption from government

The BVRLA has urged the government to go further to support pure electric vehicles by exempting them from the higher rate of vehicle excise duty.

The Transport Minister has said it will makes zero-emission taxis exempt from the higher rate.

BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney said, 'We welcome the Transport Minister's announcement making zero-emission taxis exempt from higher rate vehicle excise duty, but we would urge him not to stop there.

'The government clearly recognises that the right tax environment can help to increase the uptake of electric vehicles and we would like to see the same rule being applied to all pure electric cars, not just taxis.

'Almost a year on from the launch of the government's Road to Zero Strategy, we have published our Road to Zero Report Card, including a comprehensive assessment of the progress so far and making some clear recommendations as to what needs to be done to accelerate the uptake of EVs.'