Online examinations

With the exception of Section 1, all the written exams (Sections 2, 3, 4 & 6) will now be assessed by via remote invigilation. The format and structure remain the same, the online format delivers the exam paper online and your answers are submitted online. Remote invigilation will facilitate the security checks and monitor/record you and the surrounding area during the exam.

You will be provided with a sample paper on the online platform (Questionmark on demand) to familiarise yourself with the format before the exam.

Exams are available weekly and can be booked by contacting

What do you need to know before the exam?


This needs to be free from background noise, an uncluttered desk area, well-lit and an area that is not required to be used by anyone else for the duration of your exam.


The requirements for your pc or laptop are not excessive, most devices up to 10 years old will be able to meet the needs of the online exam.

The requirements are outlined in the table below:

Operating system Windows 7+ macOS 10.11+ Ubuntu 18.04+ Chrome 58+
Processor Intel Pentium (minimum) Intel Intel Pentium (minimum) Intel or ARM
Free disc space 250MB 250MB 250MB 250MB
Free RAM 2GB 2GB 2GB 2GB
Microphone Any microphone, internal or external
Camera 320 x 240 VGA resolution (minimum) internal or external, capable of 360 degree scan of the room (before the exam starts)

Software needed

You will need to download Proctorio software to facilitate the remote invigilation.

Proctorio is a Google Chrome extension and can be downloaded at any time ahead of the exam using the link above.

If you are using equipment or network access provided to you by your employer we strongly suggest that you check with your IT support team that there are no issues regarding the downloading of Proctorio or accessing the online or accessing the online exam webpage (Quesitonmark ondemand).

Your computer compatibility

Use this link to test your computer's compatibility.

What do you need to know about the exam

The procedures before the exam will include a 360 degree scan of your room and the desk area. You will also be required to provide photograph ID which will be validated by the software.

During the exam you are permitted to have blank paper to make notes, you are allowed two blank pages of A4 paper which must be shown to the camera (back and front) before the exam and then shown again, before being destroyed while the camera is recording at the end of the exam. There is an online calculator, if you chose to use your own calculator (not a mobile phone) you need to seek permission before the exam.

You will be taking the online exam in conditions that are the same as an exam invigilated in person. This means that you are not to communicate with any person or willingly receive communication from another person. Please make anyone else in the household/vicinity aware that you are taking an exam and that your mobile is switched off.

To ensure continuity and performance of wifi, we recommend that heavy use of the internet by other members of the household is paused during your exam.

We recommend that you refrain from eating in the exam. A drink and small snacks are permitted if they are similar to those acceptable in a physical invigilated exam. Toilet breaks are permissible where unavoidable in exams lasting 2.5 hours or more. Candidates must refrain from leaving the room for any other reason. Where a candidate needs to leave the room, this must be reported to the IAEA following the exam and cases will be reviewed on an individual basis.

The Institute's Reasonable Adjustment Policy and Special Consideration Policy apply to exams taken online in the same manner as the written exam format.