JustGoEV – EV-only new and used car marketplace

25 May 2021 | David Young

Car buyers looking for an electric, plug-in or hybrid car can now do so without having to filter through thousands of internal combustion vehicles thanks to the launch of the UK's first all-EV new and used car marketplace

JustGoEV – EV-only new and used car marketplace

JustGoEV is the brainchild of automotive industry entrepreneurs that are on the transition from self-confessed petrolheads to EV enthusiasts. Jack Woodgate and Joe Worsfold, with the strategic support of Ben Caspary, all have substantial backgrounds in automotive from retail, media and e-commerce so are well-placed to encapsulate the EV vehicle sales market.

Co-founder Jack Woodgate said: "Our research shows us that the UK EV car parc is expected to top nine million vehicles by 2030 and that already 50% of car buyers are considering an EV of some description as their next purchase, so now is the perfect time to introduce the platform.

"Almost eight out of 10 car buyers say they do most of their car-buying research online these days, so we are offering them a platform that filters out non EV product, while giving dealers and manufacturers a direct means of reaching customers who have decided that they want to choose an EV as their next car."

Source: JustGoEV