The Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance

26 May 2021 | David Young

More than 100,000 jobs are in peril as a combination of bureaucracy and poorly focused environmental legislation threatens Britain's classic vehicle industry

The Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance

Leading figures in the classic vehicle industry fear complex new rules around exporting and importing cars and parts to and from the EU and widespread misunderstanding of the environmental impact of vintage motoring are damaging owners' confidence and enthusiasm.

They are calling on British Politicians and Regulators to use their post-Brexit regulatory independence to help grow this valuable sector of the economy and have formed a new trade association, the Historic and Classic Vehicles Alliance (HCVA).

The 'not for profit' organisation intends to campaign on behalf of individuals and companies in the classic vehicle world including specialist restorers, dealers, parts suppliers, and a broad cross section of the multi-billion-pound industry.

HCVA director Harry Whale said: 'Our sector is a great British success story and has been for decades. But it's in serious jeopardy and may not survive to continue providing opportunities for future generations if we don't act now. In a world of mind-boggling bureaucracy, with environmental and other legislation looming, we need to ensure the voice of the industry and owners is heard and understood by regulators and those in power. We'll work hard for the whole sector. We're taking the initiative now to address current challenges, clear up confusion and grasp opportunities to find solutions.'

Source: HCVA