Your latest CPD training module – Air conditioning

23 July 2021 | David Young

The IAEA's latest CPD module is now available for members in the Members area of the IAEA website

Your latest CPD training module – Air conditioning

This new CPD module is designed to provide automotive engineer assessors with an insight into modern vehicle air conditioning systems and to support ensuring integrity of repair.

The session is presented by Andy Hutchins & Les Minton

Its objectives are to provide an overview and insight into:

  • Basic principle of air conditioning
  • Defining basic A/C and climate control systems
  • Legislation driving standards for both for manufacturers and technicians
  • Types of refrigerant

This session lasts for 49 minutes and is accompanied by an air conditioning glossary of terms as well as an online self-test.

PLEASE NOTE: this CPD module is available to IAEA members only

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