Engineer assessors who achieve IAEA qualifications are highly regarded by insurance companies, the motor trade, the public and UK courts (where qualified IAEA members are often engaged as expert witnesses)

Qualifications are as follows:
  • IAEA written examinations
  • IAEA oral examination
  • IAEA vehicle valuation and salvage categorisation Test (Bridging examination)
  • IAEA practical examination
  • Practical re-accreditation examination
Distance learning

Study for written qualifications is generally completed via distance learning modules supported by Institute distance learning tutors.

IAEA practical exam preparation training

Thatcham Training Academy and Technological University Dublin (TUD), in conjunction with the IAEA, offer pre-examination training for the practical exam throughout the year.

Thatcham IAEA assessor apprenticeship

Run in conjunction with the IAEA, this apprenticeship programme has been designed to produce bodyshop assessors and insurance engineers with an all-round appreciation of vehicle condition assessment and repair.