Written & Oral Examinations 2020 – Update

Oral exams

All exams will be conducted over Teams or a similar online platform for the remainder of 2020, we will review the situation at the start of 2021. We have also replaced the set exam dates this year with a more flexible arrangement where the dates and times can be agreed to suit your study plan. If you have not been contacted already and would be interested in booking an oral exam from October onwards, please get in contact.

Written exams

The arrangements depend on the exam you intend to sit. With the exception of Section 1, all the written exams are moving onto an online assessment and invigilation format. The platform invigilates the exam by recording of video, audio, and screen activity, allowing the exam to be sat at a location of your choice rather than an exam centre. There are some restrictions regarding the suitability of locations and devices, which are outline below.


This needs to be free from background noise, an uncluttered desk area, well lit and an area that is not required to be used by anyone else for the duration of your exam.


The requirements for your pc or laptop are not excessive, most devices up to 10 years old will be able to meet the needs of the online exam. The requirements are outlined in the table below.

The exam

The format of the exam has not changed, the questions are delivered on the screen and the answers are typed into the relevant section of the screen.

Before the exam

The process before the exam will include a 360 degree scan of your room and the desk area. You will also be required to provide photograph ID which will be validated by the software. During the exam you are permitted to have blank paper to make notes, you are allowed 2 blank pages of A4 paper which must be shown to the camera (back and front) before the exam and then shown to the camera before being destroyed while the camera is recording at the end of the exam. There is an online calculator, if you chose to use your own calculator (not a mobile phone) you need to seek permission before the exam.

If you intend to use a laptop or PC supplied by your employer we suggest you contact your IT Department in advance of the exam to ensure that the invigilation software is acceptable. You will be required to download a secure browser (Google Chrome Proctorio)

Section 1

Due to the content of Section 1, this is remaining a written exam and separate arrangements are being made for all those involved. If you have not received a mail, please get in contact.