AutoRaise and NBRA announce partnership

AutoRaise and NBRA announce partnership

A collaboration had been formed between AutoRaise and NBRA with a shared vision of helping vehicle repairers across the UK address the challenges around skills, investment in young people and apprenticeships.

Both organisations exist to serve the vehicle repairer community and have recognised that an alliance that brings together their complimentary services for the greater good of the sector and can only provide positive solutions.

Chris Weeks said, 'NBRA recognises that the shortage of skills in the industry is now one of the greatest challenges we face. Having offered various aspects of support to Autoraise previously, it made sense to formalise and expand this into a partnership that offers the full weight of our membership and resources. Working together with Bob we look forward to fully addressing this issue and replenishing the workforce with many more apprentices.'

Bob Linwood added, 'We have recognised that the NBRA are already providing important areas of business support to their members and that AutoRaise have an opportunity to get their vital message out to those same members; that there is a place to go to get help and support with finding, recruiting and onboarding young people in to technical apprenticeships in our industry. It makes perfect sense to work alongside Chris and his team to extend our voice and our reach and we are extremely excited about this important partnership.'

The collaboration will see the NBRA extending an opportunity for their members to become AutoRaise affiliated repairers simply through and increased monthly subscription that will be passed in its entirety to AutoRaise.

In turn, AutoRaise shall extend their offer to help NBRA members address their skills crisis by putting together bespoke strategies to help search, recruit, assess, onboard young people in to their businesses. This will include an exclusive NBRA guideline manual to introduce apprentices for all members.

It's essential that the industry gets behind addressing the skills shortage, whether it be taking on new apprentices, hosting industry showcase events or simply helping to spread the word. Please visit for full information on how to get involved.

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