Vizion for the future

Vizion for the future

March dates for Vizion Engage Repairer Days have been released.

Dates in January and February were fully booked within days, with the first events were hailed as a huge success by attendees.

Engage, held at the new Vizion Academy in Wellingborough, has been created to maintain strong relationships, stimulate the sharing of knowledge, and cultivate and showcase ground-breaking ideas.

Chris Mckie, managing director, said, 'It is important that we create and maintain a unique and symbiotic relationship with each of our members, one which benefits both parties. This can only be achieved through transparency, communication and investment in technology and people. This binary approach of combining the repairer and the Vizion team, with the many systems, services and tools developed by them creates sustainable benefit for everyone, improving everyday interactions for the customer, the network and clients alike.'

Kicking off Engage, Chris gave an overview of Vizion, before breakout sessions covering a broad range of topics were delivered by experts who shared their real-world experiences and insights.

Eamonn Dunne, CEO at Vizion, said, 'The content and sessions demonstrate the innovative nature and focus Vizion has on our members. We can see a vibrant future for the industry and Vizion is committed to providing the tools to ensure success for all our members. It is more important than ever that repairers utilise available technology combined with traditional values to deliver a personalised repair experience for the customer. We are proud to be at the forefront of the digital transformation that enables this shift within the industry.'

Marcus Laird, director of WRC, said, 'It's definitely been a very worthwhile experience showcasing both new innovations and existing systems. We're very pleased with the engagement and are already reviewing suggestions and ideas to improve system function and the user interface for the repairer. These sessions provide critical insight into the challenges faced by the network and will help provide improved, user-centric services on Cortex and Triage Plus.'

Closing the event, Chris summarised the big business challenges faced by Vizion and repairers, saying, 'Brexit, in whatever form it takes, will impact UK repairers and automotive aftersales. Vizion reflects a large proportion of the repair sector in the UK and we will all need to adapt to these changing and challenging times. Vizion has a global outlook with manufacturer partners from the UK and across the world playing key roles. Together we are exploring the expanding needs and interests of the repair industry and continue to work on driving solutions for positive change.'

Chris also shared views on several other key areas to watch including changes in collision type, frequency and volumes due to vehicle technology, GDPR and cyber security governance, the global increase in risk from hacking and social engineering and how the Vizion Standards platform was helping repairers and clients to address this.

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