Got £9.25k, love expresso and 12 cylinders?

13 May 2020 | David Young

Then, the most beautifully engineered Espresso Veloce® Serie Titanio V12 is just for you.

Got £9.25k, love expresso and 12 cylinders?

Since the 1950's the world of grand prix racing has been governed by ever-changing technical regulations which control engine capacity and configuration. With advances in available materials and scientific technology, the pinnacle of high-performance engine technology was the v12 engine. Made in Italy and traditionally crafted for racing by legendary engine masters like Colombo, Lampredi, Alfieri and Forghieri who were commissioned by auto constructors Alfa Romeo, Ferrari and Maserati since the early days of grand prix racing in the quest to produce powerful championship winning engines.

Over a cup of espresso an idea sparked the imagination to create an engineering masterpiece where art and function meet to excite the most discerning coffee aficionado race car enthusiast and collector. Hand-built in limited numbers these Espresso Veloce machines are half scale versions of the engines that powered grand prix cars during the illustrious era of the 1990's. Using aerospace-grade alloys and carbon fibre each artwork is meticulously put together by hand in a state-of-the-art facility and shipped as luxury gifts globally.

Just so you know - includes a grappa dispenser and price does include VAT!

Source: ExpressoVeloce®