Helbiz e-scooter rentals eyes up the United Kingdom

03 July 2020 | David Young

As the United Kingdom changes its e-scooter regulations and begins trials, Helbiz, a pioneer in micro-mobility, announces its intention to enter the market

Helbiz e-scooter rentals eyes up the United Kingdom

The company is looking for partnerships with local authorities within the UK to provide safe, sustainable and affordable last-mile transportation options.

"In these unprecedented times when social distancing is key, micro-mobility solutions, such as e-scooters and e-bikes, offer an environmentally-friendly and socially conscious travel option," said Salvatore Palella, founder and CEO of Helbiz. "The UK has always been an important market for Helbiz, and we're excited for the opportunity to partner with cities across the market to help demonstrate the economic, environmental and social benefits of our micro-mobility fleets."

Helbiz has identified more than 20 cities across the UK where its fleet of e-scooter and e-bikes would seamlessly integrate into existing transportation infrastructures or offer an alternative travel option. To highlight its dedication to the UK, Helbiz plans to hire dozens of full-time employees, including highly-skilled workers such as engineers and mechanics, in each city it enters, while building community programmes that help foster talent and develop careers. The company has an established UK office and a regional manager that will execute the deployment of its fleet, manage the warehouses and lead the on-the-ground operations and recruitment efforts.

Similar to all of its other markets, Helbiz will launch the Helbiz Apprenticeship Programme in the UK to provide its employees career pathway opportunities in the rapidly growing, high-demand mobility industry. The company will also offer the Helbiz Access Programme, providing unlimited free rides for up to 30 minutes for residents with an income at or below 200% of the poverty line. Additionally, Helbiz plans to launch community initiatives to engage with locals and help drive the awareness and adoption of micro-mobility solutions around the area.

Users can download the Helbiz app on iOS and Android to instantly geolocate, rent and unlock e-bikes directly from their phones with a tap and simply park them at bike racks or at available designated parking hubs when finished with their ride.

Source: Helbiz