Repair Pods success leads to more sites

15 October 2020 | David Young

Europcar, Pennings Accident Repair Centres and ACIS have jointly trialled a new repair pod which they claim has reduced vehicle downtimes by a third

Repair Pods success leads to more sites

After trials at two key Europcar sites, Skyport and Purfleet the trial will become a permanent partnership, with the pods to be rolled out to other key Europcar sites into 2021.

Ian Parry, head of fleet motor damage, Europcar Mobility Group, said: "Trialling Repair Pods in two of our key locations has clearly demonstrated the many benefits of on-site repairs. The use of the pods has significantly reduced our vehicle downtime compared to traditional bodyshops, whilst maintaining fully compliant, high quality and cost-effective repairs. We are delighted to now be working to embed repair pod solutions within our wider network. Further enhancing our repair proposition and customer experience."

Matthew Penning, managing director of Pennings Accident Repair Centres, added: "Working with Europcar on this project has been both exciting and ground-breaking. We've been able to demonstrate that by providing a dedicated, tailored solution in partnership with Europcar provides all parties with a massive win that cannot be replicated in traditional models."

Damon Curtis, business development director of ACIS, said: "We're proud to be supporting such a ground-breaking initiative as repair pod in conjunction with Europcar and Pennings as well as ensuring the timely supply of premium based product. However, this is only the start of the journey, as ongoing consistent service, comprehensive product supply and technical support are all key to ensuring the successful positioning and nationwide delivery of the new repair pod programme."

Europcar's next repair pod installation is scheduled for Sheffield

Source: Repair Pods