The focus for deliverables in 2020-21 are summarised below:

Deliverable Strategic ObjectiveActivity
Market EngagementEngagementAttendance at market events, including Bodyshop Live 2020.
 Strengthening of relationships and the profile of the IAEA within markets such as salvage and bodyshops. 
 Maintain the relationship with ETC regarding the delivery of the AQP competency assessment. 
Member Survey Knowledge & EngagementIdentify where the IAEA can enhance the support for members including CPD
CPD (mycareerpath)Knowledge Launch mycareerpath and develop a communication plan to encourage use.
Website and Member areaAccessibleLaunch the new website and member area.
Office 365Agile Launch of office 365 (email, onedrive and sharepoint) for Council Members and Regions to improve communications and delivery of projects.
CouncilAgile Development of a plan to encourage new members to Council and the Regions Committee. Increase the diversity of members and range of skills and expertise.
Online learningKnowledge Investigate the possibilities for delivery of CPD activities online.
Conference 2020Knowledge Deliver a conference in Ireland in 2020
Update study text for the written modules.Education Continue the programme of upgrading the Institute education materials.
Increase success rate and engagement with studentsEducation & AccessibleDevelop a plan for the support and deliver of the Institute’s qualifications which maintains the market position as the provider of the qualification of choice for vehicle damage assessment.