CPD is the acronym for Continuing Professional Development

Continuing Professional Development is the process of tracking and documenting the skills, knowledge and experience gained both in a formal structured manner (a training course) and informally (reading). Typically, CPD refers to the learning that takes place after completion of a qualification or profession grade and meets the need to remain competent in a developing world. CPD is essential in a changing world to keep up with changes in technology and changes in the environment we are all employed in.

A common mistake is to use the term CPD to describe the document used to record the learning, the document or platform used to record the learning is just one small piece of the CPD process. CPD is not just a case of filling in some boxes and ticking them at the end of the year, CPD is so much more than a tick box exercise. CPD is personal to you and can help you to:

  • Build confidence and credibility
  • Adapt positively to the changing work environment
  • Enhance competence
  • Support ambitions and career goals
  • Identify gaps in knowledge and experience and plan accordingly

Knowledge gained through a qualification dates very quickly, CPD is essential to ensure continued competence through gaining new knowledge or experiences. CPD shows commitment to professionalism and a desire for self-development and it is a requirement of the Institute Rules and Code of Conduct.