All members of the Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the IAEA Rules and Code of Conduct.

In the event that you feel a member of the Institute has not behaved in accordance with the rules of conduct you may submit a complaint against the member.

The frequently asked questions below are a useful guide when considering if it is appropriate to submit a complaint.

Is there a standard procedure that Institute members are required to follow when preparing a report?

Institute members will adopt different approaches depending on the nature of the instruction receipt received, there is no set procedure to be follow in each and every instruction or report. Members of the Institute are expected to behave and conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Conduct, although an individual approach may differ.

I am not happy with the outcome or recommendations within the report

When a complaint is reviewed the only matter to be considered is the professional conduct of the Institute member, the complaint review panel will not review or recommend an alternative outcome or settlement

Should I discuss my concerns with the IAEA member involved?

We always encourage that any concerns are raised with the member directly and discussed. The IAEA review complaints where these discussions have reached an impasse or an unsatisfactory conclusion.

I would like to make a complaint about a company rather than an individual

The IAEA is a membership organisation, and we will only consider complaints about the professional conduct of an individual member. If you are not happy with the service that you have received from a company we recommend that you contact the company directly and share your concerns. Most companies have a complaints process or contact details on their website.

What do the IAEA Rules and Code of Conduct cover?

The Rules of Conducts outline the professional and ethical standards expected of Institute members and covers matters such as the appropriate duty of care and diligence, management of conflict of interest between parties, avoidance of misrepresentation and appropriate nature of remuneration.

How long does it take to respond to a complaint?

Your complaint will be acknowledged an initial investigation carried out, this will be concluded, and a response provided within 30 days. If further information or investigations are required, we will contact you and advise if this will amend the duration of the review.

How do I make a complaint about an IAEA member?

The complaint is submitted online in the first instance. Your complaint will be acknowledged, and you will be provided with contact details to forward any documentation/evidence to. When submitting a complaint, you will require the following information:

  • Your contact details
  • Member details and their employer (if applicable)
  • Details of the event and misconduct
  • Date of the event or knowledge of the misconduct
  • Details of any communications between yourself and the IAEA member regarding the alleged misconduct.

Is there a time limit for considering complaints?

Yes, complaints must be submitted within 6 months of the event or 6 months of the date of knowledge of the misconduct if this was after the event.

What redress is available if the complaint is upheld?

There is no redress available for the Complainant, the Professional Conduct/Complaints Committee review only the conduct of a member and where a complaint is upheld have powers to make recommendations for disciplinary action only. Disciplinary action will not include any compensation payable to the complainant.

Are there any complaints that fall outside the scope of the Professional Conduct/Complaints panel?

There are some circumstances that fall outside the remit of the panel, these are listed below:

  • Disputes that are subject to litigation. The litigation must be concluded before a compliant can be submitted.
  • Disputes that are subject to third party complaints process. Where a complaint has already been submitted to another party, a final decision needs to be reached in this dispute before referral to the Institute. This situation can arise where the member is acting on behalf of a principal and a complaint has been submitted to the principal.
  • Disputes relating to a member's employers process or systems, the Institute is a membership organisation for individuals and has no remit to pass judgement on other organisations.
  • Disputes relating to the outcome or opinion where there is no allegation of misconduct.
  • Disputes occurring more than six months before the date of submission, or where the knowledge of the misconduct was after the event, the date of knowledge is more that 6 months before the complaint submission.