The Institute is governed by a Council of ten Members elected by their peers and the Executive of the Institute

The Executive comprising the President, the President-Elect and the Immediate Past President oversees the activities of the Institute.

The Company Secretary and the Finance Officer provide necessary support to the Executive and Council.

Council Members meet four times a year. The Council focusses on the essential activities of the Institute, provides guidance and is responsible for progressing all matters of administration and development.

The Regions in both the UK and Ireland provide a network of individual centres, which provide easier access to technical discourse and localised social events. Each Region is autonomous in that its finances and administration are controlled by its own elected Officers and Committee who, in turn, must ensure that the affairs of the Region meet with the requirements of the Institute Rules for Regions, and the general member Rules of Conduct.

The Rules for Regions are laid down to ensure Regions are managed in a manner appropriate to their activities and relationship to the Institute. The Institute Rules of Conduct are emphatically laid down to govern the professional conduct of members and are published on the Institute's website.