Categorisation of Vehicle Salvage Competency Assessment

The ABI Code of Practice requires that vehicle salvage can only be categorised by an Appropriately Qualified Person (AQP). This is defined within the code as below:

"Someone who has a comprehensive technical education and training record, relevant to motor repair. They will have passed and hold a current competency based assessment, on salvage categorisation, provided by the IAEA or equivalent industry recognised body"

The IAEA Categorisation of Vehicle Salvage Competency Assessment meets the requirements for the Code of Practice competency based assessment. Successful candidates will be provided with a competency based unique identifier.

Key Information

The assessment is a one hour online assessment, split into three sections:

General Industry Knowledge (15 minutes)
Code of Practice Knowledge (15 minutes)
Salvage Categorisation (30 minutes).

Candidates are required to pass all sections.

Applicants are required to complete an application form. As part of the application process, individuals must confirm they meet the technical education and training requirements for an Appropriately Qualified Person.

The assessment can be taken at one of the regional exam centres. Assessment bookings are made directly with the exam centres and can only be done once the IAEA have confirmed that your application is accepted.