Section 1

General Industry Knowledge

Listed below is a summary of the specific learning outcomes used to assess candidate's knowledge and understanding of basic motor vehicle repair and the safety critical aspects of a repair within the underpinning knowledge section of the assessment.

Summary of learning outcomes assessed:

  • Understanding of motor body construction, design and materials
  • Understanding of the repair of motor vehicle bodies
  • Understanding of wheel alignment principles and the effects of misalignment
  • Understanding of the principles of the internal combustion engine
  • Understanding of the refinishing process
  • Understanding of Vehicle electrical and electronic principles
  • Understanding of Driver assistance systems
  • Understanding of vehicle ancillary systems
  • Understanding of vehicle power train technology and braking systems
Section 2

Code of Practice

This section will assess candidates knowledge and understanding of the ABI Code of Practice for the Categorisation of Vehicle Salvage v11 November 2019. The learning outcomes assessed will cover the entire content of the code.

Download current Code of Practice
Section 3

Salvage Categorisation

This section will assess candidate's application of the code of practice. A description of the vehicle, summary of the damage sustained and repair supported by 3 or 4 images of the vehicle are provided to enable candidates to carry out a desktop assessment and allocate a salvage category.