Purpose:At the end of this unit candidates will be able to demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of:
  • Vehicle Construction
  • Repair Challenges – manufacture to repair
  • Driver Control & Vehicle Handling
  • The journey to Zero Emissions
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems
  • Motor Vehicle Salvage
  • Motor Insurance Background
  • Basic Insurance Principles
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Repudiation due to infringement of policy conditions
  • Motor Insurers Bureau
  • Influence of EU law on Motor Insurance
  • The Legal System
  • Rules of Evidence
  • The Civil Litigation Process
  • Contract Law
  • Consumer Law
  • Arbitration
 Summary of learning outcomes 
1Understand why vehicles are designed as they are today and to understand the challenges that they are designed to meet. 
2Understand the materials used within vehicle body construction, why they are chosen and where they can be found. 
3 Understand the principles and systems which provide driver control and vehicle handling.10 questions taken from across the syllabus.
4Understand the journey to zero emissions. 
5Understand advanced driver assistance systems and the technology behind them. 
6 Understand the practical application of the ABI Code of Practice for Categorisation of Vehicle SalvageAll candidates with have a mandatory question on salvage categorisation (learning outcome 6) and are required to achieve 60% to pass the oral exam.
7Understand how motor insurance developed and the typical cover available today 
8Understand the principles of insurance which apply to motor insurance. 
9Understand the role of regulatory bodies within the motor insurance market 
10Understand the principles and regulatory requirements relating to repudiation of claims due to infringement of policy conditions 
11Understand the activities and agreements operated by the Motor Insurers Bureau 
12Understand how EU law influences motor insurance 
13Understand how the English legal system operates 
14Understand the rules and legal principles which govern the proof of facts in legal proceedings. 
15Understand the rules and principles which govern the civil litigation process relating to road traffic accidents and providing expert evidence 
16Understand the rules and legal principles which govern contracts and the practical application of contract law relating to garaging and repairing a vehicle. 
17Understand how consumer law applies to contracts for sale of goods and services and the redress available to consumers 
18Understand the process of arbitration and the practical aspects relevant to a motor engineer or assessor.