Wednesday, 22 March 2023 - Thursday, 23 March 2023
Telford International Centre

Vizion's conference returns on March 22nd and 23rd, at Telford International Centre


Hosted by one of the original presenters of Top Gear and Fifth Gear, motoring journalist and transport campaigner, Quentin Willson, brings his flair to Kinetic, which is measuring up to be the biggest event yet.

Kinetic, let's move forward together. A powerful statement that embodies the thinking of Vizion. Combining collision repairers, partner businesses, insurers, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, we are collaborating to rise above the stresses and restrictions felt by us all in recent years, to embrace a much more positive future.

Designed to take the delegates on a journey over the two-day event, Kinetic looks at the critical shifts in the sector, affecting the entire automotive ecosystem. Innovations in design such as connected car, fuel types electric and hydrogen and key factors such as the environment and energy are featured. With new processes and digital systems that are, and will continue to, turn challenges in to possibilities. Utilising the combination of exhibition, conference and networking opportunities that have made previous Vizion events so successful for everyone who attends, continues at Kinetic.

There are many important things to demonstrate and discuss, one the biggest drivers of change and most important to us all is sustainability and as such, this plays an important part at Kinetic.

"Working together, we have a business and moral obligation to do all we can to drive sustainability. This drive has the power to harness great potential, we see sustainability as the catalyst for many opportunities and positive change, beyond the immediate and environmental imperatives" explains Chris Mckie.

Vizion R&D teams are constantly reviewing what can be done better, and how Vizion, our customers, partners and suppliers, can collaborate to build better, more sustainable solutions, providing opportunities to become more aware, to expand on our knowledge and the successes already achieved.

There is no hiding from our collective environmental responsibilities, and these are so big, and the targets so challenging, that no one person or business can resolve them alone. We can, and will, make a difference together, through better thinking. Saving the planet doesn't need to cost the earth.

Understanding the commercial space is critical and we will be joined by a number of insurers at this year's event, with discussions and presentations by representatives from Aviva and AXA. Additionally, this year's event will be enriched with a second day, which will increase the focus on vehicle manufacturing and the future technologies that are now very much here in our present, such as connected car, BEV and Hydrogen, and what this will mean for our industry.

Chris Mckie continued"Our vehicle manufacturer partners have been hugely supportive. Kinetic welcomes Ford and Stellantis as sponsors, along with BMW, JLR, Lotus, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Volvo and VW Group, at this stage as exhibitors, and in some cases speakers, showcasing technologies and discussing their strategies and drivers for future solutions, their approach to repair, the customer and the effect the connected world will have on our industry. This is no longer classed as tomorrow, this is the real world today, and I think some will be surprised how real world it is in some cases."

Another area of focus will be cyber strategy, and the need to be even more secure, vigilant, and resilient.

"With emerging technologies, data analytics, connected car and machine learning, a philosophy of 'it won't happen to me' is a dangerous one. There has been a number of high-profile companies in the sector that have been victims of cyber-attacks, it is not about fault when these things happen, but we do need to see what we can learn, to look at these risks and what can be done to reduce all party risk in this ongoing battle."

Our conference and exhibition promises to inspire and show the latest services, products, and innovations on offer by Vizion and leading businesses, big and small, dedicated to the repairer and our industry as a whole. Take the opportunity to make new connections, do business, collaborate and share ideas with a huge cross section of the industry and an extensive array of sponsors and exhibitors from global businesses.

Chris Mckie said "Vizion has grown hugely and diversly since our launch, we could not have gotten to our current scale or successes without the trust and support of our partners and without us trusting and supporting them. Collaboration has always been the Vizion way, regardless of size, everyone involved is a contributor to the whole and our combined successes and resilience. To see so many of our partners from the original teams to the brand new, growing with us and attending Kinetic, is genuinely heart-warming. Each sponsor, exhibitor and delegate brings a different perspective and contribution, ensuring Kinetic has the widest possible appeal, with some very interesting elements that should not to be missed."

Kinetic has something for everyone, our intent is to share openly our thoughts to motivate, engage and open discussions on some important areas of change, new and old, so we can all move forward together with shared potential.