Octo Telematics – works with insurers and insured

24 March 2022 | David Young

Digital Driver Essentials creates a beneficial feedback cycle where both the policyholder and the Insurance see advantages from safe driving

Octo Telematics – working beside insurers and insured

Octo Telematics' latest evolution of Digital Driver Essentials, a smartphone-based solution for insurance companies that helps companies to move fast in their digital transformation.

The new version includes a completely new user experience with an engaging APP interface and the highly predictive scoring DriveAbility® Advanced Score that makes the driver aware of their driving risk and supports the insurer to price the driver in a more accurate way.

Benefits of this solution can be gained by pricing, marketing and claim managers to accelerate the company's digitalisation.

Digital Driver Essentials offers insurance companies a comprehensive solution to encourage safer driving behaviour and manage risk through a highly engaging App interface for the policyholder. The App includes the following features:

  • Driving style and trip details. Drivers can visualize each trip and be informed on basic statistics and information to increase their level of awareness of their driving style
  • DriveAbility® advanced score. The score components evaluate different aspects of driving that affect risk and provide the user with indications for a safer driving style
  • Distracted driver. Detect smartphone usage events while driving that significantly distract the driver, increasing the awareness about risk behaviour
  • Breakdown call (B-call). Drivers can ask for assistance and be located for a prompt service
  • Crash report and crash summary list. Both policyholder and insurer can get immediately the crash dynamics with accurate reconstruction
  • Early FNOL via a web interface. Insurer can be supported in the early notice of loss thanks to the telematics real time events and timely access to the driver's data through an easy to use web platform
  • Crash reverse assessment. To improve further the claim process, Insurers can gain the additional support to check and assess a received claim.

This solution provides immediate advantages in terms of customer loyalty, profiling, portfolio selection, risk analysis and a positive influence on driving behaviour as well as assisting drivers in the event of an accident and making their subsequent experience with the insurance company more pleasant.

Octo's technology and expertise is trusted by the world's leading insurers, relying on more than 20 years telematics and crash data gathering​. Insurers can receive prompt accident notification, with automatic collection of all relevant data, speed up their claims management, reduce fraudulent claims​ and improve their pricing.

Octo supports its business customers with a solution that is easily configured and supports rapid launch on their market in a way that addresses their core activities of risk pricing and crash management in parallel.

The new version is already available in UK and USA.