A better way to commute?

22 May 2020 | David Young

As Mayor of London Sadiq Kahn and TfL cause friction, not only with the reintroduction of Congestion Charges, but also a whopping 30% increase and plans to extend hours of operation, Suzuki is promoting a ready-made alternative.

A better way to commute?

As the lockdown eases and employees begin to return to work, they say there are inherent risks as many rely on public transport and in turn spend a great deal of time in a confined space with others.

However, Suzuki has a ready-made alternative: motorcycling.

Swapping a busy train carriage or bus for the social distance of commuting on two wheels brings with it many other benefits. It reduces journey times, with a study in Belgium concluding that if just 10% of commuters switched to a powered two-wheeler, journey times for all road users would drop by 40%.

Suzuki promotes its products as affordable and efficient - its Address 110 scooter, which returns 134mpg and can be ridden on L-plates after passing some compulsory basic training (CBT £100 for one day). The scooter costs £2,299 or £43 per month - that's £1.39 per day, less than the price of your daily high street coffee.

Suzuki's Burgman 125 scooter and GSX-S125 and GSX-R125 geared motorcycles can also be ridden on L-plates, and currently there's £500 off both of its 125cc motorcycles.

Fancy the idea?

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