Fix Auto six celebrate ten

19 February 2021 | David Young

Six Fix Auto UK franchise partners are the latest to have their 10-year service to the network recognised by the organisation

Fix Auto six celebrate ten

While the lockdowns have prevented Managing Director Ian Pugh from personally presenting Fix Auto Blackburn, Fix Auto Bristol West, Fix Auto Mid Devon, Fix Auto North Staffs, Fix Auto Slough and Fix Auto Stoke-on-Trent with their plaques to recognise the occasion, they will finally have their milestones recognised by an exclusive virtual presentation this afternoon.

Ian said: "The continued success we strive for today is only possible thanks to those partners who were early adopters of the Fix Auto ethos, those I regularly refer to as visionaries.

"It was their belief in the concept and vision for the industry that is the foundation for the business. We cannot let anything stand in our way in marking their involvement and tireless support and it is only right that, like those before them, we mark the occasion in the best way possible."