Vehicle leasing fleets clean air move

15 April 2021 | David Young

The BVRLA has published its latest Quarterly Leasing Survey showing that average CO2 emissions for members' new car registrations have fallen below 100g/km for the first time ever

Vehicle leasing fleets clean air move

During the Q4-2020 reporting period, average CO2 emissions were 98g/km compared to the average UK car fleet of 114.2g/km, highlighting the green credentials of the vehicle leasing sector.

BVRLA rental and leasing members, who collectively own and operate 1-in-10 cars, vans and trucks on UK roads continue to drive the uptake of electric vehicles by adding more EV's to their fleet mix.

The size of the BVRLA leasing fleet stood at 2,505,979, of which 83% are cars and 17% are LCVs.

Nearly one-fifth of leasing members' fleet now has some form of electrification with 5% of the car fleet being pure EV and 15% hybrid. This figure is only set to grow as BVRLA members have pledged to register 400,000 new battery electric cars and vans per year by 2025.

BVRLA chief executive Gerry Keaney said: "The vehicle leasing sector remains at the forefront of road transport decarbonisation and members continue to innovate to provide more individuals and businesses with access to affordable low- and zero-emission vehicles.

"The sector's green credentials will make leasing an attractive option for those living or working in towns and cities looking to introduce Clean Air Zones during 2021 and beyond."

The vehicle leasing sector has not been immune to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, and whilst the total LCV fleet size grew by +0.7%, the total car fleet reduced by -5.3% year-on-year. The fall was largely driven by a -9.3% fall in car business contract hire, with a +3.2% growth in personal contract hire offsetting some of the market reduction.

BVLRA quarterly leasing survey