Easee targets 2m charger sales by 2022

07 May 2021 | David Young

Norwegian company Easee, the country's market leader, is now gaining new market shares in Europe

Easee targets 2m charger sales by 2022

Easee recently received the prestigious Red Dot Award for the design of their revolutionary electric car charger Charging Robot.

The company currently operates in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and Germany, three regions facing a sharp increase in electric cars. The goal is to expand to 20 countries during 2021.

Easee's marketing manager, Martin Langeland, believes the company is well equipped for growth in several European regions.

"In just three years, we have gone from being a start-up to becoming a global brand, with a goal of expanding to 20 countries and over half a million chargers sold by 2021. We are experiencing great demand, both nationally and in international markets".

Founded in 2018, with a vision to create an electric car charger for the future. The first step in the development was the Charging Robot charger, 69 percent smaller than other chargers, but with similar function and power.

In addition to design and ease of use, Easee has been concerned with making chargers that are environmentally friendly.

"In the development of Charging Robot, we have focused on environmentally friendly solutions and a seamless user experience. Reduced use of plastic and copper and the Charging Robot's automatic adaptation to all electric vehicles make the charger both efficient and environmentally friendly. " Langeland concludes.

Source: Easee