Synetiq's integrated vehicle recycling project

25 May 2021 | David Young

With growing green parts usage, and an increased focus on corporate and social responsibility, Synetiq is aims to create a sustainable future for motoring, a journey that Synetiq has termed 'The Road to Tomorrow'

Synetiq's integrated vehicle recycling project

As a foundation for this initiative, Synetiq has commissioned a study into the true CO2 footprint of its own activities, as well as the CO2 savings that can be achieved using its green parts in automotive repairs.

The study, carried out by independent circular economy consultancy Oakdene Hollins, shows environmental benefits of using components supplied through mygreenparts – Synetiq's own parts procurement platform.

Taking into account the parts supplied annually by Synetiq to the insurance and fleet repairer network, the carbon savings are staggering. In the last two years alone, Synetiq has saved 5,500,000 kgs of CO2 emissions.

This saving is the equivalent to:

  • A year's electricity for 1000 homes
  • 3,094,410 litres of burned petrol - over two years of an average family car use in the UK

Tom Rumboll, Synetiq ceo, said: "Commissioning Synetiq's Carbon Saving Calculator project has been of utmost importance in forming our ongoing sustainability strategy. By understanding the precise carbon embodiment of each part, as well as each of our own internal processes, we know the advantages to green parts use are simply undeniable."