AVL and Foretellix join forces on virtual ADAS/ADS validation

29 September 2021 | David Young

The joint solution aims to address the biggest challenges in ADAS/ADS validation

AVL and Foretellix join forces to make virtual ADAS/ADS validation more efficient

US companies AVL and Foretellix partner to offer the automotive industry a coverage-driven and scenario-based verification and validation solution. The partnership is designed to ensure safety while reducing costs and time to market of new advanced driver assistance Systems (ADAS) and automated driving systems (ADS). The solution will be based on Foretellix's Foretify, a large-scale scenario generation and analysis verification platform, and AVL's Test Case Generator™ and Model.CONNECT, key components of AVL's comprehensive scenario-based open verification and validation toolchain. Jointly, the solution allows customers to address the challenges of development and testing cycles of modern ADAS/ADS very efficiently.

Development and testing of ADAS/ADS is a complex task where traditional testing methods used in the automotive industry are reaching their limits. These systems are designed to perform better than human drivers and handle a massive number of possible scenarios that may be encountered in even the most infrequent adverse weather and light conditions, as well as numerous traffic and road situations.

Through AVL's scenario and KPI libraries, and Foretellix's verification packages, customers gain access to a broad range of scenarios and KPIs used for testing. Especially in test case optimization, AVL's Test Case Generator together with Foretellix Foretify™ help customers to achieve massive scale generation of tests needed. This helps to cover the entire test space of ADAS/ADS, while reducing test efforts and improving test processes. Exploration and edge case discovery capabilities will thereby be enhanced.

Thanks to the integration between Model.CONNECT and Foretify™ the test case execution can be easily integrated in the customer's virtual testing toolchain. Model.CONNECT provides a broad virtual testing ecosystem with numerous interfaces to different simulation tools on the market. Further, it empowers the solution to be used in different X-in-the-Loop environments and provides high flexibility and openness to customers, which is in synergy with Foretify's testing platform-agnostic approach.

Foretellix's Foretify™ along with AVL's Test Case Generator and Model.CONNECT ensure that bugs and edge cases are exposed earlier in the development and testing cycle, reducing costs, providing a faster time-to-market and a more efficient way to conduct the overall verification and validation process.

"AVL's Test Case Generator optimizes the creation of tests to be executed through intelligent methods, such as road statistics or ontologies; with Foretellix Foretify™ integrated by Model.CONNECT into virtual testing environments we lever coverage driven scenario-based validation to the next level", says Tobias Düser, head of ADAS/AD virtual testing solutions at AVL.

"Foretellix introduced a paradigm shift into the automotive industry with innovative coverage-driven verification and validation tools and methodologies. Foretify™ enables the scenario generation and analysis capabilities that are essential for complex ADAS and ADS verification and validation" says Roy Fridman, VP of business development and sales for Foretellix, "Together with AVL's Test Case Generator and Model.CONNECT environments, we can optimize the verification and validation process and reach unparalleled efficiency."