Citroën delivers first ë-Jumpy Hydrogen to Suez Group

14 December 2021 | David Young

The development of hydrogen fuel cell technology is moving fast at Citroën as the first ë-Jumpy* Hydrogen van comes off the assembly line

Citroën delivers first ë-Jumpy Hydrogen to Suez Group

With a range of 248 miles (400km) and a fuel tank refill time of just three minutes, Citroën's fuel cell technology meets the needs of operators embarking on longer journeys, as well as users requiring rapid refuelling.

This first ë-Jumpy* Hydrogen is on its way to an important customer – Suez Group – that is preparing to carry out full-scale testing at its Carcassonne facility in France. This is a pilot location where Suez is investing in green hydrogen production, which is set to become a key focus in the coming years.

Citroën is expanding its array of electrified utility solutions to adapt to the varied requirements of fleet and business operators, and to offer the most comprehensive range of options on the market – from Ami Cargo Electric all the way up the range to ë-Jumper**.

"The fuel cell hydrogen solution is now becoming a reality with this first ë-Jumpy Hydrogen coming off the assembly line. Complementing our electric portfolio, it will give customers a greater driving range (especially on faster roads) and optimise vehicles' usage time thanks to its ultra-fast refuelling. All this, while retaining the capabilities and practicality of the vehicle to remain relevant on the LCV market. Citroën is proud to be able to combine all the qualities that have made its thermal vehicles so successful, while adding the peace-of-mind of more environmentally-responsible, future-focused driving. With the current plans to develop hydrogen, this is a major new solution complementing the widest range of electric utility vehicles on the market. We are pleased to offer SUEZ – a privileged partner, strongly committed to reducing our environmental footprint – this first vehicle for full-scale testing under real conditions." Laurence Hansen – Citroën product and strategy director

* 'Jumpy' and 'ë-Jumpy' are named 'Dispatch' and 'ë-Dispatch' in the UK
** 'Jumper' and 'ë-Jumper' are named 'Relay' and 'ë-Relay' in the UK