Scramblers club announces must-attend 2022 events

31 January 2022 | David Young

Bicester Heritage's Scramblers club has released the dates for its upcoming members meets for this spring

Scramblers club announces must-attend diary dates for 2022

Born from the success of the site's Scramble events, Scramblers hosts exclusive themed events for members on the final weekend of each month, celebrating a variety of themes from British Classics to Le Mans, Festive Fourwheelers and Rally cars to date.

Still within its first year of inception, the club now boasts over 6300 members, who have signed up via the website, home to film, photography and quality writing about Bicester Heritage and the industry it supports.

Scramblers recently unveiled its new membership HQ, in Building 94 within the Bicester Heritage Quarter, during the site-wide January Scramble event.

The dates are:

  • Sunday 27th February, 'Hagerty in the Hangar', 1990s theme in Bicester Heritage's Hangar
  • Sunday 27th March, 'Type R', Bicester Heritage's MT Yard
  • Sunday 24th April, Scramble, 'Curated Scramblers displays', in and around Scramblers HQ, Building 94 (ticketed event)
  • Sunday 29th May, 'American cars/Indy 500', in Bicester Heritage's Hangar
  • Sunday 26th June, 'Transformers', in and around Scramblers HQ, Building 94

Normally accessible by appointment only, Bicester Heritage sits on the larger Bicester Motion site, the best-preserved WW2 RAF Bomber Station in the country. The quarter is home to 45 industry-leading Specialist workshops that the Bicester Heritage hub for historic motoring enterprise is renowned for.

Scramblers and the Scramble events exist to celebrate the historic motoring sector and the magic in the driving and preservation of classic cars, while making these experiences open and accessible for future generations.

Philip White, senior brand and marketing manager comments: "Scramblers seeks to bring the joy of Bicester Heritage to those who don't get the chance to visit us each day and we are unique in our approach that we are able to define our future through the feedback and thoughts shared by our members. It's great to see so many dates back in the diary, and we are looking forward to sharing the magic of both our Scramble events and more intimate weekend gatherings with Scrambler's members."

Not yet a Scrambler? Sign up to Bicester Heritage Scramblers or follow Scramblers on Instagram or Twitter.