Luton shop becomes latest PAS 2060 success

22 February 2022 | David Young

Fix Auto Luton has become the network's latest Franchise Partner to be classed as fully carbon neutral operationally

Luton shop becomes latest PAS 2060 success

Director Mo Givian and his team have successfully managed to achieve the goal of being completely carbon neutral after working through a raft of measures and completing a significant investment in new equipment in order to meet the guidelines outlined by the PAS 2060 specification.

High on the agenda has been the installation of an energy efficient new spraybooth along with the complete installation of state-of-the-art LED lighting while greater recycling procedures have also been introduced.

"A repair centre isn't the most environmentally friendly of businesses," said Mo, "but we owe it to ourselves and to future generations to do as much as we can to help the environment.

"This latest achievement is the result of hard work, investment over the past two years and I'm pleased to say we have finally joined the relatively small group of repairers in the UK who operate to a fully carbon neutral status."

He added: "While we have long believed we could operate a greener site, it is only when you take the right measures and follow the advice from experts that you realise you have to make significant changes to your day-to-day operation that you're able to meet those requirements.

"The reasons behind gaining our PAS 2060 specification are ethical but, in truth, I believe more and more of the corporate clients we serve will, quite rightly, expect it."