Volta Trucks confirms Paneltex for the full−electric Volta Zero

25 May 2022 | David Young

Volta Trucks, the disruptive full-electric commercial vehicle manufacturer and services provider, has confirmed that Paneltex to be the supplier of ambient cargo boxes for the full-electric Volta Zero

Volta Trucks confirms Paneltex for cargo boxes for the full−electric Volta Zero

The agreement is for the 16- and 18-tonne Volta Zero variants will be announced at the CV Show in Birmingham, UK.

In a move to innovate in the commercial vehicle market, Volta Trucks is seeking to provide better integrated solutions that reduce time to market, improve technological functionality and to optimize payload through better integration of the box and cab / chassis. This approach to vehicle specification helps support the company's Truck as a Service model, and helps ensure suitable replacement vehicles are always available, supporting customer's uptime.

Paneltex is no stranger to the green energy market. With thirty years of engineering expertise, Paneltex brings a comprehensive portfolio of manufacturing techniques and top-quality products to the venture. Producing thousands of vehicle bodies, vehicle body kits, and portable cold stores a year out of six specialised factories across the UK, Paneltex's innovative approaches to design and manufacture are uniquely well suited for this collaboration with Volta Trucks.

Confirming the supply agreement with Paneltex, Ian Collins, chief product officer of Volta Trucks, said; "The innovative and disruptive Volta Trucks model of supplying a complete vehicle rather than a chassis cab means that we need to work with the world's best suppliers of cargo boxes, and in significant volumes, given our sales aspirations. Announcing our partnership with Paneltex for the supply of cargo boxes is the latest in a long line of agreements with world-class industry-expert suppliers that will support us in our mission to get the full-electric Volta Zero to market as quickly as possible and start dealing with the societal issues of climate change, air quality and safety that the vehicle is designed to address."

Chris Berridge, managing director of Paneltex, added: "Since Paneltex's founding, we have been at the forefront of all environmentally oriented innovations in our field. We're delighted to work with Volta Trucks to produce a zero-emission vehicle that is better for everyone, while still maintaining the commitment to payload, durability and excellence that the Paneltex name is known for. We are pleased to be working on such an exciting project and are looking forward to our collaboration with Volta Trucks."