Allianz Claims recruiting and training data talent

09 August 2022 | David Young

Allianz Commercial's claims data and insight team is welcoming a graduate and training two interns over the summer, equipping them with the skills that insurers need now and in future

Allianz Claims recruiting and training data talent

Attrition is rising in insurance, a sector which isn't always top of mind for young talent. So the claims data internship and graduate scheme, launched in 2019 and 2020 respectively, are taking special significance this year.

Claire Dulson and Sam Mayhew, the two claims data interns recruited externally, have embarked on a nine-week programme. They are learning to use software like SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS Web Report Studio and MicroStrategy, while experts from the claims data and insight team teach them about data and its value in the claims journey.

Previous cohorts delivered projects on data literacy and Artificial Intelligence governance, making valuable contributions to the team and business. The 2022 interns are now working on the exploration and delivery of enhanced claims inflation reporting, a highly relevant and valuable topic for the industry as a whole.

In July, claims data graduate Alba Carrera Valle joined Allianz Commercial after completing a BSc in Business and Mathematics from Aston University.

Over the next two years, she will undertake three placements: the first within a claims-handling team, the second in the claims data and insight team, and the third as a senior analyst or in an agile or leadership role, depending on her goals. Like all graduates, she will also complete the ACII apprenticeship.

Alex Sorrie, claims data and insights manager at Allianz Commercial, commented: "We are very excited to be training and working with the new generation of insurance talent. To really grasp the power of data, you need to use it in practical ways – and our internship and graduate schemes give recruits that hands-on experience.

"We're glad our interns and graduate have chosen Allianz to gain those skills and to share their fresh perspective with us."

Previous claims interns and graduates have stayed on with Allianz and progressed into impressive roles where they can utilise their data skills to add value to the organisation.