Regional variations in insurance premiums

30 September 2022 | David Young

New survey shows significant differences in insurance premiums across UK regions

Regional variations in insurance premiums

According to insurance comparison platform Quotezone, drivers in London are paying considerably more than drivers in other parts of the UK, with average premiums in the capital nudging close to £800.

However, that falls to just over £400 a year in southwest England, while drivers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all pay £500 a year for their car insurance.

Across the UK as a whole, drivers pay an average of £548.52 for their annual motor insurance policy.

Quotezone founder Greg Wilson said: "When it comes to paying for car insurance there are huge variations depending on where in the country drivers live. Insurance companies are very specific and can vary the cost of a policy depending on which postcode the driver lives in but by zooming out a little we can see there are some interesting regional differences as a whole.

"Motorists in big cities tend to pay more and this is particularly true in London. With a greater population density, there are more cars on the road and the likelihood of a prang does increase.

"But there are also other factors at play including the local crime rate, the average age of drivers and the value of the vehicles they are insuring."