AA reports on its first Hydrogen refill job

12 December 2022 | David Young

The AA were asked by Toyota GB to attend a Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) at Green Tomato Cars in Isleworth, which had run low of fuel

AA reports on its first Hydrogen refill job

This gave an opportunity to use our hydrogen refuelling system, supplied by Fuel Cell Systems Limited, on board our state-of-the-art technical development van. Previously we supported another Hydrogen Fuel Cell car manufacturer, Hyundai, on their epic 1,000-mile zero tailpipe emissions journey back in early 2019

Patrol of the Year Ben Sheridan we set off to Isleworth to attend the AA's first live mobile Hydrogen refill.

The job was to attend to a Toyota Mirai which needed refuelling. Unlike traditional liquid fuels, hydrogen needs to be refuelled by pressure. This means there has to be higher pressure in the gas bottles than in the cars fuel gas tanks. When full, the Mirai gas tanks are pressurised to 700 bar (around 10,000 psi). This goes down to zero when empty. Tanks are filled to around 350 bar so once connected, the gas pressure equalises between the car and our gas tanks, giving approximately a quarter of complete refill. Our re-gassing vehicles carry two separate tanks, allowing us to provide enough gas to partially refuel two vehicles.

The Mirai was successfully refuelled with plenty of hydrogen to get it the nearest hydrogen refuelling station making thew exercise a first for the AA.