Audatex new and updated model sheets

08 December 2022 | David Young

13 new and 61 updated model sheets added in the latest UK AudaEnterpriseGold data release

Audatex new and updated model sheets

In the latest data release D4.72 Audatex have added 73 new and updated model sheets to our industry leading vehicle database. This became available from 01.12.2022.

This data release also includes a model coverage sheet for the MGZS, increasing the coverage and accuracy of our successful vehicle data base. As a growing, popular manufacturer MG became the 12th largest brand in the UK for the first half of 2022. So, with more MGs on the road, you need an estimating system with the right coverage!

Audatex is currently awaiting part price information from the manufacturer and will update as soon as possible. However, labour times, part numbers and paint and material costs are already available.

The data release was available and Thursday 1st December and covers a range of cars, commercial vehicles and motorbikes. You can find out more and download the latest vehicle data online here. Or contact the support team if you need any assistance.

Complete list of vehicles: Audatex UK