Fix Auto top ratings

22 December 2022 | David Young

Fix Auto UK has set an industry first by becoming the only vehicle body repair network to record 10,000 customer reviews on Trustpilot

Fix Auto top ratings

In passing this major milestone, managing director Ian Pugh paid tribute to every Franchise Partner for embracing Trustpilot since boldly and publicly linking with it little under two years ago.

Impressively, the landmark officially heralds the customer service collectively delivered by Fix Auto UK Franchise Partners as 'Excellent' with a 4.6-star rating.

Commenting on the achievement Ian, said: "This is an incredible milestone in which all our Franchise Partner have played a pivotal role in achieving.

"We work tirelessly to ensure we collectively provide an industry-leading customer service. We can now unequivocally state Fix Auto UK delivers an exemplary service literally reinforced by 10,000 customer reviews and all for everyone to go online and see."

He added: "I've previously stated that we partnered with Trustpilot knowing full well we were exposing ourselves to the public, but we did so with full confidence our Franchise Partners would constantly deliver and they have. Every online review provides an open and honest picture of how our Partners deliver their services and are laid bare for all to see."

Commenting on the achievement, Rikesh Panchmatia, customer success manager for Trustpilot, said: "Reviews are ubiquitous to the shopping journey and heavily influential in consumers' purchase decision making these days, so it's great to see businesses like Fix Auto UK engage with reviews through Trustpilot.

"Inviting and responding to customers on an open, independent platform like Trustpilot helps businesses demonstrate the value they place in providing a great service, in turn helping to earn and maintain a trustworthy reputation - something which is increasingly important to consumers."

Within days of Fix Auto UK reaching its goal, Fix Auto West Kensington maintained its own Trustpilot success. Exactly 12 months on from being the network's first repairer to reach 250 reviews, the London-based business became the only bodyshop to record 500 – with an exemplary five-out-of-five-star rating.

Owner Hemal Amin said: "Customer service is key to our business's continued success. I am extremely fortunate to have a team that carry out repairs to the highest quality. The team and myself in the office work tirelessly to ensure we match their expertise with our own customer service. Recording five out five-star rating from 500 reviews is a great achievement and one we're extremely proud of."

The partnership with Trustpilot is a fundamental one for Fix Auto UK's ongoing strive to be industry leaders in innovation and customer service as more and more people go online to seek out help and advice. Between December 2021 and December 2022, Trustpilot received a 22.4 million service reviews, the phrase 'customer service' had over 500k mentions across its platform which is a phrase used in more than half of Fix Auto UK's reviews as a positive sentiment.