Grove Group broadens its offering with ev charging system service

16 December 2022 | David Young

Grove Group has extended its portfolio of services and products to encompass a range of electric vehicle ((EV) charging systems

Grove Group broadens its offering with ev charging system service

Electrifying... Grove directors Paul Newman and David Sutcliffe (right) with a three phase 22.5 KW fast charging EV unit which is typical of the product they've installed inside a vehicle repair centre

The organisation is now offering a complete turn-key service for any business wanting to install internal and external EV charging systems for both customers' cars and personnel.

The service ranges from a single unit supply or, preferably, a complete engineers' building inspection, product recommendation, installation and maintenance. Grove has also forged a relationship with a utility provider to help and advise on the best prices and services to use.

The brainchild of Grove director Paul Newman, the Car Charging Shop, as the division of the Group is known, was born out of the necessity to provide customers either enquiring about EV charging systems or requesting their installation.

"Grove is one of the oldest suppliers to the vehicle repair sector in the UK," said Paul, "we have a long history of being able to evolve with the times, the evolution of EVs is no different.

"We have been asked to supply EV units for a while but, in reality, there's far more involved especially surrounding the delivery of power available within a business to the actual unit.

"The popularity in EVs is growing at a phenomenal pace but and there's no doubt the time will come that every repairer, indeed every business, will be expected to provide EV charging facilities. And now we can now provide that service."

Fellow director David Sutcliffe, added: "We have spent the last 10 months creating the infrastructure needed to confidently offer a totally unique service, not just for vehicle repairers but critically, motorists who buy into the idea of owning an EV without realising what's needed to ensure they're as effective as possible. We have a team of technicians who will advise on the best route to take."

A concern for business owners is the actual cost of electricity and how to pass that onto the customer. Grove has that covered, depending on the unit used, the EV-user can pay directly using a credit/debit card or App-based system.