Davies automates claims

15 March 2023 | David Young

Davies, specialist professional services and technology business serving insurance has rolled out end-to-end its enhanced claims management tool, E-claim

Davies automates claims end-to-end

Davies E-claim allows customers to submit their claims, check policy coverage, upload documents, pay any excess due, view a settlement offer and provide details to receive payment – all without the need to speak to an advisor. Customers who choose to use E-claim can also log in to the portal to view the progress of their claim 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Updating claims platforms in real time, E-claim reduces claims life cycles by up to 70 percent.

Developed in-house by Davies' technology division, E-claim has been rolled out successfully across travel, gadget, pet, for many clients over the last 18 months and is now available for property and motor claims. The results following its launch have seen increases in efficiency and customer satisfaction for Davies' clients across a spectrum of niche claim types. Using E-claim has reduced claims touchpoints by 33 percent and the average number of calls made per claim has been reduced by 24 percent. Following its launch, E-claim now handles more than 12,000 digital transactions per month.

Built using modular technology, E-claim means the customer can flip seamlessly between calling an advisor or using the digital platform at any point during the claims process. This flexibility ensures customers feel in control and increases customer satisfaction.

Lee Bradshaw, managing director of niche claims at Davies, commented: "Since rolling out E-claim over 18 months ago, we are seeing fantastic results, through increased efficiency and flexibility driving up satisfaction. Customer experience in the insurance sector is transforming rapidly and consumer demand for automation and digitalisation is only increasing. By developing a modular, automated claims management tool that can be fully white labelled, we've created an 'off-the-shelf' product that can be adapted to our clients' particular needs quickly and efficiently, avoiding lengthy implementation lead times associated to system development."

Since its introduction and roll-out, initial usage results of Davies E-claim have shown that 56 percent of customers have chosen to use the digital platform to complete a claim and this figure is continuing to rise is as data analysis is used to refine the technology.

"The data is helping us to assess our own assumptions. Surprisingly customers who we expected to choose more traditional paper or phone-based methods to handle claims are actively opting for a digital process. This proves that the flexibility and ease of using technology like E-claim is appealing to all consumers," Lee explained.