Electric vehicle dismantling training

10 March 2023 | David Young

Electric vehicle technicians have had access to certified training at different levels of competency for a number of years, but this has not been the case for vehicle dismantling technicians until now

Electric vehicle dismantling training

Vehicle repairers have been taught how to diagnose faults on electric or hybrid vehicles, make them safe, repair or replace the high voltage component and then put the vehicle back together and make them work.

Vehicle dismantlers need to know how to assess electric and hybrid vehicles, store them properly, make them safe and dismantle them, store the parts and ship them out for re-use, repurposing or recycling, so the accredited and certified training for vehicle repair technicians met some of the criteria for dismantling but not all.

Salvage Wire, in conjunction with Eintac have recently launched certified electric vehicle dismantling training that meets the needs of vehicle dismantlers globally.

There are currently three different professional achievements with a fourth to be added before the end of 2023, these are Informed, Competent and Authorised, with Senior Authorised to follow.

Informed is introductory training designed for non-technical staff in the vehicle dismantling operation, this could be for drivers, cleaners, sales, parts, leaders, health and safety team and managers, and is a half day training that gives them the awareness of high voltage, how these vehicle work and the risks around these vehicles.

Competent - the base level of technical knowledge. The training is for one day, includes practical and theory assessments, teaches technicians how to work on high voltage vehicles once the vehicle has been made safe - in other words, working on the vehicle in the 'non-live' state. Dismantling and removing parts, assessing parts, storing them correctly and similar.

Authorised - the next level of technical knowledge. This is completed after the Competent standard, is one day in duration and includes practical and theory assessments. Authorised training teaches the technician how to assess the vehicle, make the vehicle safe to work on, component storage along with any additional safety precautions for components that have been damaged.

Senior Authorised - the highest level of technical knowledge that will be launched before the end of 2023, and will be a further day that focuses on battery strip to component level, work that could be required if the vehicle dismantler is looking at battery refurbishment, battery cell or module recycling and similar. This is basically working on 'live' components, or components that cannot be made safe.

All of the training has been checked and certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry and is based on the UK National Occupational Standards, released in 2022. Candidates successfully completing the training receive a fully accredited certificate that is valid for three years and associate membership of the Institute of the Motor Industry for one year.

Electric Vehicle Dismantling Training raises the professional standards of the vehicle dismantling and recycling industry, provides consistent training standards across the world, helps develop knowledge and understanding, enables team members to grow their own abilities, and achieve accredited training.

Email for more info - idm@eintac.com