Criminals using cheap tracking devices to target drivers

05 May 2023 | David Young

Criminals looking to steal vehicles across the UK are using cheap tracking devices to track the location of drivers

Criminals using cheap tracking devices to target drivers

This new car theft threat sees thieves use tracking devices to track, monitor and steal vehicles.

Organised crime syndicates are successfully using the technology.

In many instances, these cars are 'stolen to order' by thieves.

A police report showed that criminals were able to ship a car to Africa, with the police believing the tracking tag was a 'proof of postage' by the thieves.

The tag was hidden in the roof lining – however, the shipment was stopped by the police at a Belgian port.

There has been a growing trend of thieves using cheap tracking devices to steal expensive vehicles while reducing the risk of being caught by the police.

Trackers are attached to luggage or attached to a possession to help the rightful owner find their items through their smart device.

The mobile phone must be within 20 metres of the tracker – allowing criminals to easily monitor the stolen vehicle.

Criminals can therefore track the movements of the car and its owner before stealing it.

It is usually when the owner has just parked or if the car is unlocked, when the crime occurs.