Electric vehicle post-accident courses

12 May 2023 | David Young

For the last five years Park Lodge International has been studying alternatively fuelled vehicles: battery electric vehicles (EVs), fuel-celled vehicles (FCVs), and compressed & liquified gasses (LGVs)

Electric vehicle post-accident courses

We have now completed a wide-ranging assessment of the new challenges this seismic change in the transportation industry is bringing to first responders, recovery agents, vehicle examiners, scenes of crime investigation, stolen vehicle examiners, assessors, repair facilities, storage yards, car parks and vehicle disposal companies.

The conclusion? There is a serious lack of industry knowledge of and expertise in the vehicle structure, safety risks, and corresponding safe procedures required to deal with the assessment, recovery, transportation, storage and repair of alternatively fuelled vehicles.

In response, Park Lodge International has formed a working consortium with Jeff Mack Consultancy and RWC Training. Together we have developed the most up-to-date, intensive and comprehensive training available to address this industry-wide need.

We are proud to offer the only training available in the UK that includes what to do when an EV, FCV or LGV has been in a road traffic collision and the situation is as critical as it can be, including the worst-case scenario involving traction battery thermal runaway—how to definitively tell when that scenario is possible, probable, or imminent and the correct steps to take and NOT take in each instance, be you a first responder, recovery agent, investigator, examiner, assessor, or repairer.

Courses are tailored to your specific group and include (but are not limited to:)

• International vehicle fire investigation

• First responders: fire and police

• IMI post-accident EV recovery & salvage

• Vehicle examiners and stolen vehicle inspection

• Insurance assessors & accident investigators

• EV assessment, storage, and repair safety for body and mechanical repairers

All courses include both theoretical and practical (hands-on) instruction of:

• Awareness of alternative fuelled vehicles, including accurate vehicle identification

• Approach: precautions to consider & how to make the vehicles safe

• Dynamic risk assessment, including scene control

• Monitoring temperature, gases, and power

• Making safe—and how to do it quickly, correctly, and safely

• EV shock and fire specific first aid

• HAZMAT awareness & evacuation zones

• Vehicle fire blanket & emergency plug use

• Equipment & warning labelling

• The DoT Guidance & Fire Safety legislation

• Hand-over (from first responders to recovery operator to repairer)

• Information gathering by app or emergency response guide

• Electric vehicles in water

For more detailed information or to discuss course options/content for your group, please email info@parklodgeinternational.com

For more general information, to check on training dates near you, or to make a booking please call RWC Training on 01908 969 992 or email info@rwctraining.co.uk