Older drivers forced off road at night

15 May 2023 | David Young

So reports Claire Duffin writing in the Daily Mail

Older drivers forced off road at night

Ultra powerful headlights are forcing older drivers off the road at night.

The College of Optometrists said its members had seen an increase in the number of patients who are no longer on the roads at night because the dazzle from LED lights is affecting their ability to drive safely.

It said the problem was particularly acute for older drivers with eye conditions, such as cataracts.

Many new cars are fitted with LED headlights as standard which are specifically designed not to dazzle other road users.

The problem is with LED lights that have been illegally retrofitted to replace traditional halogen bulbs – increasing the chances of drivers being dazzled.

Retailer Halfords estimates there could be as many as 860,000 cars that have had these bulbs installed.

Analysis from the RAC found that 25 per cent of drivers over 65 avoid driving at night because of the intensity of headlights.

Rod Dennis, RAC spokesman, told the Sunday Telegraph while aftersale bulbs might be part of the issue, the sheer number of people complaining suggests it might be all LEDs that are causing problems.