Fix Auto UK partners with us pioneers to revolutionise ADAS calibrations

26 June 2023 | David Young

Fix Auto UK has formed a partnership with an American company in its bid to simplify and speed up Forward-Facing Camera (FFC) ADAS calibrations

Fix Auto UK partners with us pioneers to revolutionise ADAS calibrations

The network has teamed up with Florida-based AirPro Diagnostics, a pioneer in remote vehicle diagnostics and calibration products, that will initially bring into the UK its unique 'AUGGIE' mobile system that enables ADAS calibrations to be easily and swiftly completed outside of the workshop by any productive.

Ian Pugh, Fix Auto UK's Managing Director who has been instrumental in developing the partnership, hailed AUGGIE as a "game changer" that not only frees up valuable space within a workshop, but its simplicity and useability ensures it can be operated by anyone from a newly inducted apprentice through to a senior technician.

Said Ian: "We're in an age where our repairers face the necessity to complete ADAS calibrations on almost every modern vehicle but it's a procedure that can dramatically slow down the whole repair process. Being part of a global organisation, I reached out to my overseas colleagues to see what products were available that can speed up and simplify the process.

"AUGGIE is a phenomenal piece of kit. A real game changer. AirPro Diagnostics developed it to deliver with precise accuracy in any environment even with a vehicle parked on an uneven surface. It is so simple to use, after brief training anyone can use it which enables a vehicle to be taken out of a workshop, freeing up valuable space for the next repair."

Commenting on the new partnership, Michael Quinn, President AirPro Diagnostics, said:

"AirPro is proud to launch into the UK, with the Fix Auto UK Group agreement. We know Ian and the UK network to be the most operationally disciplined bodyshop group in the UK and we look forward to working closely with his Franchise Partners and delivering our unmatched capabilities in diagnostics and cost-effective ADAS calibration equipment and services to ensure a complete and safe repair for motorists."

Maria Charlton, AirPro UK Managing Director, added "we are extremely confident in our ability to safely service and calibrate the majority of vehicles serviced by Fix Auto UK, our North American track record of thousands of satisfied shop clients can readily attest to this fact."

ORION, AirPro's cloud-based diagnostic management system is the hub by which all services are delivered within the company's 10-Minute Response Pledge. AirPro Diagnostics is backed by a team of uniquely skilled, diagnostic brand specialists who provide reliable, efficient, and accurate scanning, diagnostics, and ADAS calibration solutions that meet the highest level of quality and safety standards.