Robot removes illegally parked cars

26 July 2023 | David Young

The world of technology is constantly evolving – and RNW robot's impact on the motoring world is clear

Robot removes illegally parked cars

However, the latest development is one that is looking to tackle the problem of illegal parking and repossession of vehicles that haven't paid.

In the UK, a new robot is being implemented in multi-storey car parks that can pick up and take cars out of tight spaces.

The video shows a Volvo XC60 being removed from a parking spot clearly reserved for disabled people.

The robot manages to pick up the SUV clean off the ground and removing it from the parking area.

Towing company Recovery North West (RNW) manages the innovation

RNW specialise in towing heavy equipment and the new robot is designed to help remove problem parkers from the UK's many extremely space-restricted parking areas.

Across the country, there are many inner-city multi-storey and underground parking areas – or others that are located down narrow lanes or city streets.

Historically, this has caused issues for recovery vehicles looking to remove cars from these car parks.

Originally built by French company Multitract, the robot is called the Eastract.

It has tank tracks to make tight manoeuvres and is powered by a 35-horsepower Briggs and Stratton engine. The machine can carry up to 5,500 pounds and is radio-controlled by an operator.