Vizion prioritises engineer learning and development

09 August 2023 | David Young

Vizion recognises that its people are a critical differentiating factor in our performance and our success

Vizion prioritises engineer learning and development

We are investors in people and attracting great talent to the Vizion family is key to our future.

Encouraging personal growth through individual development, is critically important to ensuring our team keep pace with current and future technologies and customer requirements.

Chris Mckie, CEO "Vizion continually invest in the growth and transformation of our business, the development of our engineers is a key part of our focus and a strategic priority. Ensuring the best possible foundation to the repair and authorisation process, is critical to the customer journey, outcomes, and the elimination of risk. Safety and quality management is part of the story, ensuring our team is able to work closely with repairers and clients in a trusting and respectful way is essential to this process. Developing these skills to the highest standards through correct training and certifications, deliver repeatable and predictable quality, accuracy, and consistency.

The integration of our training partners, Cornerstone and Bridge Automotive, provides great resources and synergies, a training ecosystem our whole network can benefit from, so we continue to move forward better...together."

This announcement follows the recent achievement of Vizion's engineering team being AQP qualified. The IMI VDA full route and re-accreditation program will be undertaken over the coming months, with the majority of the team already passing the qualification this year.

Most insurer engineering teams have undertaken Cornerstone training and with more than 350 repairers also qualified, we have never been more joined up on what can and also what can't be repaired. Understanding this clearly, and also what is required to undertake these tasks, has been one of the biggest success stories this year. Cornerstone is a champion for sustainability and business performance, delivering profitability and environmental benefits with better thinking and processes.

Paul Loveridge, Vizion's Engineering Manager said "The continued support by Vizion and our training partners ensures that our engineers, when providing assessments and advice are at the top of their game. Having a highly detailed level of knowledge and competency in managing this critical part of the repair process, working respectfully with all parties, and achieving customer satisfaction, whilst navigating the constant changes in the use of recyclable parts and repair processes, for existing and new technologies, whilst ensuring we are all working to meet carbon targets for the coming years".

Andrew Lorraine, Senior Engineering Team Leader at Vizion said "We recognise the importance of continuously improving our engineer's knowledge ensuring our insurance customers receive professional and accurate assessments. Using the latest industry repair methods and processes, we are delighted with our new partnership with Bridge Academy, which since joining Vizion has been a commitment for the ongoing personal development of my team, ensuring we are providing the highest levels of accuracy and knowledge to our network and insurance customers, supporting them in areas such and theft, fraud, repair methods and approvals strengthens the future of a fast-growing team".

Vizion is helping to reshape the future of automotive repair and continues to be centred around innovation, sustainability, and inclusivity. Development through training and making it easier for young people to enter our sector remains high on our agenda. Ensuring we continue to support our clients, customers, and the industry now and in to the future is key. To put it simply... training and standards are critical to the future of a successful business and a stronger more sustainable industry.