Essential alternative fuelled vehicles risk course for assessors

01 September 2023 | David Young

Park Lodge International Ltd (PLI) and JMC are offering an essential risk assessment course on alternative fuelled vehicles (AFV) involved in fire, theft, repair, crime or accident.

Essential alternative fuelled vehicles risk course for assessors

The next course will be held on 21st September at Morelli Eyebox on Coventry.

Aimed at insurance assessors, emergency services, recovery, and repair industries the course offers detailed and explicit training programme that pays particular attention to three major AFV issues:

  1. On-scene/at premises assessment of potential battery damage or leakage and its concurrent risks and required procedures.
  2. Enabling safe repair or investigation of a damaged or undamaged AFV with potential high voltage battery damage, cryogenic risks or ignitable gas leaks
  3. Subsequent safe storage of potentially damaged AFV in repair facilities, inspection or forensic bays. PLI is different from the rest As you will see by the course aims, PLI plan a comprehensive approach to any AFV incident, investigation or repair: PLI believe that the courses offer the most comprehensive and practical training possible. We cannot cover every single eventuality, but we aim to equip any course graduate with the necessary knowledge, tools, and abilities to assess, repair or investigate any AFV successfully, safely, and securely.

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