ITAS Future vision with the IAEA

25 October 2023 | David Punter

ITAS explains its support role, and how it will move forward with the IAEA to future proof the market

ITAS Future vision with the IAEA

IT and Automotive training provider ITAS are thrilled to unveil its comprehensive proposal designed to support The Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) into a new era of modernisation & efficiency. Our tailored services aim to support the IAEA's objectives & requirements while ensuring seamless day-to-day operations.

The IAEA plays a pivotal role in the automotive industry, & ITAS are excited to partner with the institute to enhance their services, deliver extended value, increase, and secure membership numbers, & provide a fresh approach to their operations, online training and CPD content & partnership opportunities.

Our services encompass many key areas:

Admin & Finance Support: Our comprehensive administration support covers invoice management, membership renewals, payment reminders, document management, meeting support, & seamless IT operations to empower IAEA's success.

Digital Marketing Services: ITAS recognises the importance of effective digital marketing. We will be working closely with the IAEA to implement marketing plans, create engaging online content, manage social media, & provide data analytics for optimized marketing efforts.

For IAEA's AQP Assessment Admin, ITAS will facilitate seamless coordination with exam centres, manage candidate records, handle reaccreditation processes, and ensure timely communication of results to successful candidates.

ITAS Content Creation Expansion: ITAS has recently acquired a spacious 12,000 square-foot facility, which significantly enhances our 33,000 square foot existing presence in Milton Keynes. This strategic expansion serves as a pivotal milestone in our mission to revolutionise Engineer & Vehicle Damage Assessor (VDA) training, ultimately delivering added value to IAEA members and creating a global training content hub for our esteemed Vehicle Manufacturer clients.

"We are excited to embark on a modern, driven, and fresh approach for IAEA's IT, training and administrative needs," said Tony Young, Managing Director at ITAS. "Our team of experienced IT & training professionals are committed to delivering outstanding services that align with IAEA's organisational objectives and drive its mission forward."

Together, ITAS and IAEA are poised to embark on a transformative journey that will set new standards in the automotive industry. We look forward to a future filled with innovation, accessibility, and success.

David Punter (President IAEA) commented that given the expertise that ITAS has demonstrated during the tender process, there was a clear benefit for both partners to work together to align the industry and raise the profile for properly qualified Vehicle Damage Assessors, with the long term ambitions of the IAEA to encompass and end to end training and qualification process within the UK and wider market, and allow related market partners to share knowledge and understanding to accelerate the Institutes ambitions.